Learning with Halloween Candy

What can you do with all that Halloween candy your kids are going to get tonight? How about some fun, learning activities that will have your kids doing something other than just eating too much of it tonight.

As a child, I remember dumping all my candy, sorting it out, trading all the peanut candy with my sister (I’m allergic) and giving some to my parents.

Sorting is a foundational concept in math that is worth exploring in a play environment. Seeing that one large mess can be divided up in multiple ways is an important critical thinking skill (not bad for toy clean-up either). Here are some different ways to sort the loot:

  • Type—chocolate, fruit flavors, gum, chips, lollipops
  • Colors on wrappers—especially with toddlers
  • Size—stack large to small candies in pyramids & knock them down
  • Favorites—Mom likes these; Dad likes these; Everyone like these.
  • Shape—lay each size in a straight line to see which shape makes the longest line. If the fun lasts, get out a ruler and measure the line.

Get out some baskets, tupperware or ziplock bags and have them sort all their candy and stash it in a safe place.

Happy Halloween and safe Trick-or-Treating tonight!


About Cutie Pie Daycare - learning through play

I am a very patient, friendly, creative, self-motivated and loving mother who has a passion for nurturing and caring for children. I run a home daycare and provide a warm, loving environment where your children can feel safe, secure and happy.
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