The “U” in Music is You!

Music plays a big part in our daycare everyday. During our circle time, we sing songs about the calendar, the weather and all types of kiddie songs. We also play music where the kids can dance along and/or play a musical instrument along with the beat. All the kids seem to enjoy this time of their day here and are excited when it’s almost “Circle Time”.

As I have mentioned before, I borrow a lot of our educational materials for our daycare from Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY). Every 3 weeks when I rotate our materials, I always make sure I have some sort of musical bin for the kids. We have used several instruments over the years such as tambourines, jingle bells, maracas, drums, spoons, cymbals, triangles, rhythm sticks, xylophones, rain sticks, pianos and we have made our own rice shakers.

I just recently attended a workshop presented by ASCY titled “The U in Music is You”. There are 3 sessions scheduled over the next couple of months (Rhythm, Melody & Singing and Dancing and Listening). It was very informative and hands-on. During the workshop we made our own drums that we were able to take back to our daycares to enjoy drumming along with the children. I’m looking forward to the next sessions and learning how I can improve on our music component here.

Here are some key points from the workshop:

All children are born with the potential to be musical; nurturing this natural potential will give them a jump-start in life.

Music and movement affects all areas of learning and development, such as social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and fine and gross motor.

No other component of our daycare curriculum, not even reading, impacts the whole child, simultaneously almost all at the same time.

Here are some suggested resource sites from the workshop: (completely free and totally legal) (drumming songs and games)

Here’s a picture of the drum I made from this workshop.


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I am a very patient, friendly, creative, self-motivated and loving mother who has a passion for nurturing and caring for children. I run a home daycare and provide a warm, loving environment where your children can feel safe, secure and happy.
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