Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a party for all the kids. They came dressed in either red, pink and/or white and brought Valentines to exchange with all their friends here.

We had pink smoothies for our morning snack and watched some videos online about Valentines day. One of our favorites was Red Heart, Red Heart, What do you see?

We danced around to some songs while playing with all the party balloons then I red some stories about Valentine’s Day.


Then the kids decorated the heart sugar cookies we baked yesterday with royal icing and sprinkles.





What a mess!!! But the kids enjoyed decorating these cookies that they will bring home tonight.

Then the kids watched a Max and Ruby special about Valentine’s Day while I made pita pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni.


And for dessert we enjoyed a special Valentines cupcake that one of the parents brought in (they were yummy, thank you!).


After lunch we exchanged our valentines and all the kids filled up the pockets they made from last week.


What a busy but fun morning! Thanks to all the parents who took the time to make this a very special day for all the kids to remember.

Happy Valentines Day!

All the Valentines I received from all my Cutie Pies! Thank you!


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That’s Mine!

What a great article from Today’s Parent about how to teach your child to share.

We work on sharing everyday by learning to take turns throughout the day with lots of positive praise. I still here the “mine” word during the day from the younger kids but my 3 yr olds have pretty much understand how to share and take turns.

Thinking about toddlers sharing always reminds me of the Toddler’s Creed poem:

If I want it, it’s mine.
If I gave it to you and I change my mind later,
it’s mine.
If I can take it away from you,
it’s mine.
If I had it a little while ago,
it’s mine.
If it’s mine, it will never belong to anyone else,
no matter what.
If we are building something together,
all the pieces are mine.
If it looks like mine, it’s mine.

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Valentine’s Pocket

Valentine’s Day is next week so we made pockets to hold all our Valentines we will be receiving.

I had the kids paint 2 paper plates using a choice of 3 colours (pink, purple and blue) so the boys didn’t get stuck with all girly colours. They painted the plates using different items such as a sponge, toothbrush, sponge paintbrush, rollers and a silicone brush.


Once the plates were dry, I cut a heart shape out of one of the plates and stapled them together to make the pocket. Then the kids decorated their pockets with paper cutouts and stickers.


Can’t wait to fill them up next week.


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At the park in February

What a beautiful morning to take the kids to the park. It was sunny and the temperature was above zero which is not a typical February day here in Canada.

I buckled the little ones in the wagon while the older kids walked to the park. When we reached the pathway to the park, the kids got excited when they saw the park and started to run.

We spent the morning there, climbing, sliding, running, swinging and laughing. What a great way to get some fresh air while getting some good exercise.



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Happy Birthday Elmo!

Today we celebrated Elmo’s birthday. In the morning we started creating our Elmo face masks by painting paper plates red. We read some Elmo stories and flipped through some Elmo books.

We watched an Elmo movie about Faces before lunch. For special occasions like today, the kids enjoyed a cupcake for dessert and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Elmo and blew out the candle. What a mess from all those cupcakes!

After quiet time, the kids finished their Elmo face mask by gluing the eyes, nose and mouth. They all had fun pretending to be Elmo.





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Happy Groundhog Day!

Today we celebrated Groundhog Day. We discussed how the Groundhog comes out of his hibernation to predict if we will have an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter depending on if he sees his shadow or not.

I found this coloring page on the Internet and the kids colored it this morning. http://www.guildcraftinc.com/guildcraft/GuildcraftHappyGroundhogDayrtc.pdf

I thought they turned out really cute and the kids even gave their Groundhog’s names (Sam & Sonny).




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Counting Snowmen

I like to make things for the kids to learn with but sometimes it’s just easier to buy things when they are already put together to save me time. I bought this counting snowman package at ASCY (daycare lending library). The kids all love snowman and loved the little poems it came with.




My son loves to count the snowman!

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